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Civility as opposed to crudity

As a general rule I try to behave in a civil manner towards my fellow human beings. Vonnegut summed it up best with "Love may fail, but courtesy prevails." A minimum level of politeness from everyone would be the social equivalent of motor oil: it would reduce friction, wear and tear, and would help prevent breakdowns.
It is, of course, a futile effort. The third law says that order in a system will inevitably decrease over time until a state of "heat death" is reached.

It's not just the savages around me who are to blame, the fault lies within me as well. After a day of trying to be polite to people, I sometimes can't stifle the urge to say something cruel, do something vindictive, or behave in a way that adds stress to someone else's life. It's a relief, just for a minute, to do something rotten to balance out trying to be good all day.

But the part of me that believes that things can be improved won't let me be a bastard all day. The part of me that believes that I can be improved just makes me regret it.


So, you want to get married, II.

Hey, guys! 
I wanted to update everybody on the engagement and wedding planning! Everything is going great, despite a ton of stress. I've never been so excited in my life, but stress is unavoidable with weddings. Choosing our ideal venue has been a headache after the first place asked for an astronomical amount, today I've been searching for a historical bed and breakfast with loads of room to accommodate. It's been awesome! We're near a year away, after picking a date that would allow us to plan every detail to our liking. Bee and I have decided on an extremely elegant vintage wedding with geeky touches! This is what we've established so far: 

Our colors are a soft pink, creamy mint, and bright gold. We chose these to add texture and depth to our photographs, but still give everything that whimsical yet fun vintage feel. I'm in love with these, I feel they provide just the right amount of elegance while still being fun:

Then there's my dress, which I'm really excited about! It's going to be custom made for me, and the idea comes from a gown that was on the Dolce and Gabbana runways not too long ago! When searching for dresses, I positively fell in LOVE with the idea of large silk flower appliques. The soft pink was the perfect touch for a girl who owns nothing white, and the flowers will be changed into coordinating wedding colors. Notice the flowers in the first photo, the flowers on the dress will be more like that. 

Then we've got the Honorable man and maids, the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, the ring bearer and the flower girls! Bee is still working on his party, though I ended up with a large bridal party of six. We will have one ring bearer, of course. As for flower girls, we will have four. Since we share a love of botany, we decided to go all out on floral. We've not yet picked these, but we do know we will use his favorite flower, the green Hydrangea, and then Ranunculus, which I adore. The nerdy touches will be subtle, emphasizing more on glamour and femininity. 

 The bridal party will all be wearing dresses in different cuts, but the same color. I've chosen mint green dresses for the girls, because it was the popular vote.  We're leaning towards tea length satin and organza dresses, with a bit of a retro cut. These are a few we've picked so far:
Isn't the lace applique gorgeous?!

A beautiful plus sized bridesmaid dress for one of our girls!

I love the soft pleats in the material on this one. It makes for a very soft, romantic look.

 We all fell in love with this classic 50's pinup style bridesmaid dress. If I hadn't of already picked out a wedding dress, I probably would of worn this! The chiffon overlay SO lovely! 

Okay, now I'm all excited while talking materials and retro bridesmaid dresses. We've been looking really hard at flower girl dresses that match our Mint, Pink, and Gold theme. I've fallen in love with the big, billowy, tulle bottoms and sequined bodices. We've yet to purchase any yet, but these are my top choices:

This dress from little dreamer's tutus really caught our eye with the exceptionally large amounts of tulle used, as well as the choice in a classic beige sash. This would be an exceptional choice for our flower girls, and I'm seriously considering it! 

While this dress is for young girls, it reminds me SO much of Michelle Obama or Jackie O! It's so contemporary, and the scalloped bodice puts me in mind of Kate spade. When looking at this modest but positively glamorous little dress, I was put in mind of so many fashion icons and designers. This is my #1 pick currently. 

At Abundance, we are all about tu-tu overload. This was a close runner up for obvious reasons, but we love how fancy the skirt looks! 

We've also picked out our cake, a great deal of our decor, our invites, and so many other things! I will be sharing them with you guys here at abundance up until the wedding, along with advertorial and review articles for our sponsors. After much debate about how it would go over, Bee and I decided on a sponsored wedding. We have such a love for marketing and building brand relationships, that we've decided to use sponsorship for a great deal of our personal touches. Our wedding is fully funded, but after reading about a couple who sponsored their event 100% fully, we wanted to see how this would go over at Abundance. Later this week, I will be introducing our first sponsor, Wendell August. 

Until then,

Jen & Bee



Hello, Lovelies! I've got exciting news!

Bee and I have returned after a brief hiatus - He proposed on our Anniversary with a beautiful 2.6 Carat Asscher cut Diamond ring, and I've never been so happy or excited in my 28 years on the planet! He's my best friend, my partner, my everything. I love this man beyond comprehension. It's an indescribable feeling, I'll start crying hysterically at random because I'm just that excited! I've been a bit down today though, because I miss my Grandmother something awful. I wish she were here to experience the excitement with us, and am trying to think of ways to honor and acknowledge her in the wedding!

  Needless to say, this is the most exciting time in a person's life, and we've been in a planning frenzy, and have decided to throw an elaborate outdoor wedding in October of 2016 with 200 of our nearest and dearest friends at a historical haunted mansion in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Our wedding will be very Art Deco themed with a Geeky undertone per my Love's request. I'm currently working on boxes to propose to my Bridesmaids, Matron of honor, and his Groomsmen, and working on Engagement photographs, Announcements, and all of the amazingly fun details!

I'll also be looking to collaborate with companies for various wedding odds and ends, because I would not only like to share our Wedding journey with our readers, but feature awesome companies to work with so those of you who are also planning weddings can see our awesome finds!

If you're a company interested in collaborating with us on Wedding materials, please e-mail me at Iadoreyouu(at)gmail(dot)com - We're offering amazing advertorial articles, space, and photography!


(Review) IT Cosmetics - Poreless Pressed Heavenly Luxe Brush

I recently started working with IT Cosmetics, and I'm thrilled to admit they're hands down, my favorite company so far. I've collected the majority of their line and can never get enough. Not only are these products skin friendly and wear well, but they're effective in targeting the concern you're trying to cover.

The PR Team at IT recently sent me out a Heavenly Luxe brush, and their new Bye Bye Pores pressed powder, which is available on site, but doesn't debut at Ulta until next month. I thought they'd only be sending the powder only, but was ecstatic when I opened the parcel to see the brush I had been saving for! :)

The powder itself is white, but goes on translucent. It's great for finishing up a look, or wearing by itself over a primer to hide pores and fine lines. I own both a loose version of this which I wear daily on my vanity, and I've been keeping the pressed version in my handbag for on the go touch ups. When you look at the box and the claims about covering pores and whatnot, I understand it's easy to question all the claims the company makes, however; IT Cosmetics lives up to all of their claims, and I've not been disappointed with a single product of theirs yet.

As for the Heavenly Luxe brush, it's a synthetics brush, cruelty free, and is enormous, fluffy, and amazingly soft on the skin. IT Brushes are my absolute favorite, because they're soft, exceptionally easy to clean, and apply your makeup flawlessly and beautifully. I actually use the puff for the pressed powder, and the Heavenly Luxe brush to administer the loose version of their Bye Bye Pores Powder, and then the Airbrush - Complexion Perfection brush for my Celebration Foundation. I recommend all of these products.

IT Cosmetics is the very first line i've found that not only tends to MY skincare needs while making me feel lovely, upscale, and gorgeous, but they're worth every penny. The cosmetics themselves last a long time, and the brushes have a great long life, provided you clean them regularly. IT Cosmetics carries something for everyone, both young and aging. With me being right in the middle of both categories, I like to play in all of the products. :) You can purchase yours, along with all of my other favorite products at their website HERE. Below is my full IT face minus the lipstick, which is Mac's Ruby Woo.

Stay lovely, and remember that IT Cosmetics has something that will help everyone in the process of doing so!



(Review) Adesse nail enamel

 Hi, guys!
  It's been a bit since my last post! It's a time of transition at Abundance, as Jen has undergone a great loss + tremendous injury to her hand. This won't prevent her from sharing great finds, However; it has slowed things down a bit.

 Over the past month or so, I've been collaborating with Adesse on a series of nail reviews. Adesse is a fantastic company out of NYC, and I'm very pleased to present them to you. In my opinion, the company is incredibly ahead of their time due to the amount of industry knowledge that the creators actually have. Their nail enamel products are cutting edge, yet environmentally friendly. The color selection appeals to people of all ages, with finishes such as Chrome, Glitter, Matte, Sheer, and most recently, a peel off gel product that lasts a total of TWO weeks! They aren't afraid to think outside of the box, but while providing a zero gimmick, long lasting and safe product to meet the needs of females of ALL ages. The company was created by Suzanne Roberta and Donald Meyer three years ago, and in their words;

 We wanted to combine years of cosmetic product development, global marketing, finance and entrepreneurial "zsa zsa zsu" to create a company dedicated to bringing the most luxurious beauty products to our global clients.  

The result? Adesse New York!

Suzanne was kind enough to send six polishes, each with it's own unique finish, shade, and personality (yes, these colors pack tremendous personality!) I'll be showing you each of the six shades in seperate posts, incorporating many different looks and techniques I've learned while using them. For now, I must let my hand fractures heal a bit more. 

In the meantime, I couldn't resist showing you my favorite one first, which is named Alelulah! Normally, I stick to more classic shades, but I couldn't resist this one! Alelulah is a tremendously fun, sheer blue metallic shade that I get complimented on everyday.

 There's a lilac undertone and various sized chunks of silver glitter. This shade reminds me of all kinds of dreamy things like Unicorns, Cotton Candy, Snowcones, Pixie Dust and well, pretty much everything that embodies being a little girl again, so it's really fun on occasion! In a way, this shade looks like something you'd see from a more indie nail brand, so I was really enticed to see a higher end brand carry glitter shades where you could actually SEE the glitter when wearing the polish. I generally steer clear of polish reviews, because I have tremendously high standards and often don't find everything I need from most companies. If I do, I'm often disappointed by wear time. The line boasts many impressive features, such as:
  • These products are “5 Free”; free from Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene and Camphor. This is very important because 5 Free is the highest standard; as most brands are only 3 Free.
  • Crafted of the absolute highest quality ingredients
  • Cruelty free & Vegan
  • They use a self leveling brush that fits my petite nailbeds perfectly, and reduces accidents
  • Enamels are infused with organic micas, minerals, and pigments
  • Product contains bamboo extract, shea, and argan oils to moisturize the nails
  • Made in the USA, in NYC. 
We've been captivated by these shades since their arrival. I ran out of nails to paint and my husband almost ended up with glitter toenails. What I love most is the broad spectrum of finishes and tints, ranging matte to chrome, glitter to gel. Their site states that the shades are inspired by the style, verve, and ironic beauty of their beloved New York. To me, these mean much more, because they've taken a leap we don't commonly see in the beauty industry, which is an blatant appreciation of the great variety of people who would purchase said shades. Sure, we've seen companies do things like mood polish, scented polish, fuzzy polish, caviar velvet and every other gimmick known to man, but for how long do you wear those, and do you feel like you're using a luxury product when you do so? My manicure lasts roughly two weeks, I've touched up today with a not so steady hand, however; It embraces my personality perfectly, I can still wear it to the office, and I never get bored with it.

You can get your favorite shades HERE. ! I hope you fall in love with these as much as I did, the combinations are absolutely endless!  


(Review) QVC Deal of the day - IT Cosmetics!

Hey, guys! Sorry for the delay in posts. I've got multiple fractures in my right hand from an accident at work, and have SO many amazing things to show you as I heal!

Tonight, I'm honored to introduce you to IT Cosmetics, Created by Jamie Kern-Lima with world renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cutting edge technology. This also happens to be a brand I'm positively in love with and have started using on all of my clients, because I happen to have large pores, acne scarring, and rosacea. Its an amazing feeling to both get your confidence back, and see the look on your clients faces when they look at the makeup you've applied, not to focus on their imperfections, but see the beauty IT cosmetics has brought out in them. These products are not only cutting edge, but top notch quality. I seriously can't say enough good things about this line! While it's still relatively new to me, I'll be reviewing a lot of it here, because I've ran out and purchased the majority of the line after trying it for this review! :)

 Needless to say, I was thrilled when they offered to let me introduce their QVC deal of the day for 6/8/2015! I very strongly recommend all of these products, particularly the Celebration Foundation and Complexion Perfection brush!

Here's what we've received:

" Within this limited-edition, one-time-only set are two new launches – our Naturally Pretty Face Palette and Celebration Foundation SPF50 – and the top-selling Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush. The worldwide launch of this set will only be available for 24 hours, starting at 12:01 AM on Monday, June 8th at an incredible deal. "

Isn't that palette gorgeous? Not only are these products easy on the eyes, but some of the most effective I've used! Celebration foundation leaves you absolutely flawless, paired with the brush you get an airbrushed finish! The concealer is a god send. The palette though, that's the icing on the cake. it's full of best sellers such as hello light, highlighting creme, bye bye pores powder, which I adore, a lovely bronzer that compliments all shades, and a blush in the prettiest of all pinks! 

The pigmentation in these cosmetics is positively amazing, and I'm sorry I didn't discover them sooner. For you ladies who suffer from skin conditions like myself, this line gave me my confidence back, and I have a feeling these products will be in my daily regime for a very, very long time. I hope to add the serums, shadows, more brushes, liners, and glosses soon! 

There are a few additional products I'd like to suggest, which are NOT included in the QVC Deal of the Day set: 

"The Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain is a lip product that gives the naturally pretty flush, vitality-filled, color of a lipstick, with the Anti-Aging, hydrating and conditioning feel of a balm AND a long-wear stain that doesn’t dry out lips! It truly is a multi-faceted product, packed with amazing natural ingredients. With good for you Anti-Aging Antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E, Acai, Green Tea and White Tea; Vitality Lip Flush protects and wards off free-radicals all day long.

Formulated to give that long-wear flush of naturally pretty color, the Anti-Aging hydration of a super luxe treatment lip balm, and a powerful stain that doesn’t dry out your lips. Developed with leading plastic surgeons, this truly innovative, formula contains IT Cosmetics® Hydra-LuxeTM technology, including ingredients such as Plum Oil, Cherry Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe and Jojoba that all work together to treat, hydrate, condition, and nourish your lips. Good-for-you ingredients drench your lips with lasting hydration and color and the naturally pretty shades work on all skin tones. This Made in the USA formula is Paraben-free."

Why You Will Love IT
Hello Lashes® Extensions Mascara makes the look of false lashes easy and accessible! This 6-in-1, clinically shown 24-hour wear mascara features the blackest black melted nylon fibers infused into our volumizing, lash-loving and award-winning Hello Lashes Mascara so you can achieve long, thick and dramatic lashes in one quick coat application! A 430% increase in lash volume and 114% increase in lash length!
The perfect alternative to complicated false lashes and expensive lash extensions, this innovative formula is your volumizing mascara, lash primer, lash enhancing treatment, long wear lash tint, lash comb, and now it’s your look of false lashes without the fumbling! Infused with lash-enhancing and conditioning ingredients, including vitamin B5, peptides, collagen, proteins and green tea to treat your lashes while you call beautiful attention to your eyes! 
Well, Ladies. This deal officially went live two minutes ago on QVC! Get it for the next 23 hours and 57 minutes! Http://www.qvc.com exclusive! You can buy my suggested products to add on at Http://www.itcosmetics.com
Thanks for reading! 


Harvey Prince - Sincerely review

Harvey Prince is a company i've been following since their contributions to birchbox when they were first starting out.

Created by two brothers who started making perfume after they were unable to find a satisfactory present from mothers day, they hands down make some of the best scents in the industry. I can safely say that I attach every single one of their scents to a memory/period of my life, Ageless being my favorite.

Karthik from Harvey Prince has been kind enough to send us one we haven't tried, called Sincerely! :) We love it!

Here's the scent description from the Harvey Prince website:

"The road of life is invigorating, mystical, and often unpredictable. Stay enlightened with Sincerely; the scent that opens your mind and awakens your senses. Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Sincerely whisks you away from the day-to-day. Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin. Sincerely's scent opens up the richness and mystery sparking the beginning of your own personal odyssey.

Savor the delicate notes of South African Freesia, Japanese Orange flower, and Moroccan rose – it’s like sipping a sweet, Alsatian wine in the light of the sun! Hints of spicy Indonesian Clove Bud trickle in while the deep and intriguing Australian Sandalwood transports you to a faraway land. Sincerely’s relaxing and mystical powers will stir your imagination and reconnect you with your own destiny.

Notes: Indonesian Clove Bud, Australian Sandalwood, Moroccan Rose, French Bergamot, Indian Tuberose, Japanese Orange Flower, Lebanese Cedarwood, Turkish Cyclamen, South African Freesia
Style: Exotic. Awakening. Transformative.

Find yourself. Then lose yourself all over again."

Our thoughts about Sincerely:
A lovely, spicy scent. It's very clean, great to wear on an evening out or formal occasion. A must for any perfume wardrobe!

Luckily, Harvey Prince is offering each of our readers their own Sincerely mini rollerball absolutely free! You just pay shipping and handling. Obtain yours by entering the code "freesincerely" here! Offer valid while supplies last. One per customer. A $21.00 value

*products sent to facilitate our review


(Review) The Tarte of Giving collectors set

Hey, guys!

Today I want to introduce you to an extremely popular higher end brand that i've never talked about on Abundance. I've recently been introduced to Tarte after being a loyal Urban Decay fan for over a decade. I was seeking more business friendly NATURAL cosmetics, and a good friend recommended Tarte! She spoke to me about an eco conscious woman with a penchant for packaging who was fed up with all of the insane chemicals in makeup, but had a difficult time finding natural items with lovely packaging. With this frustration, Tarte was created by this very woman in her bedroom back in 1999. After exploding several years ago, Tarte is one of the most popular cosmetic lines in the world!
Needless to say, I was super excited to try these products.

 I discovered the Tarte of giving collectors set ($59 originally, I paid $130) from a few seasons ago on Amazon, and added it to my wishlist immediately. it was purchased for my birthday shortly after! This set came beautifully wrapped today, it was almost painful to unwrap.
Beautiful wrapping!

When opening the box, it appeared to just be a really lovely purple satin hanging makeup holder with embroidered hearts. I was terribly wrong! When you open the beautifully embroidered makeup bag, it's jam packed with Tarte skincare, blushers, mascara, eyeshadows, and lippies! Holy Guacamole. This set is enormous! After unwrapping it, I was enveloped with joy for my brand new professional grade set of makeup.

Holy cow. I nearly passed out from excitement!

I squeaked with joy after physically seeing the contents:

  • 20 x .07 oz Limited-Edition Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows
  • 8 x .059 oz Deluxe Maracuja Lipglosses (shades: Ann, Kam, Viv, Lizzy, Sully, John, Ro, and one other which I can’t make the name out on)
  • 0.23 oz Deluxe Pure Maracuja Oil
  • 0.08 oz Deluxe Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment
  • 0.05 oz Deluxe Limited-Edition Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush in Memorable
  • 0.17 oz Deluxe Cheek Stain in Flush
  • 0.16 oz Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-In-1 Mascara
  • Travel Makeup Bag

This set is fabulous! The bag is extremely upscale and done beautifully in the traditional Tarte colors of Purple and gold, embroidered with hearts and bows. It has a hook so you can hang your stash up, and a detachable bag for when you want to take your Tarte with you! 

Beautiful bag!

The palette is a slim cardboard case, and also done in the traditional Tarte colors, and I am absolutely in love with it. The pattern on it is an eastern floral print, and it's absolutely decdent!

This photograph doesn't do these shades justice. They are just gorgeous!
The shadows are grouped in quads with a complimentary liner shade next to each one, and by color group. you've got your cool toned blues, your warmer nudes, then your neutral nudes and some rose shades. There arent illustrations of any sort to show which goes with which, so this might cause a bit of confusion for newer makeup users, however; I find that this makes it more fun to play with, because I dont like rules! :) Leave the guess work to me, haha.

Tarte shadows are silky smooth,non creasing, and the pigment is incredible, but not to be confused with Urban Decay or Too Faced. These shades are softer, more natural. They look great on someone my age, as I'm getting too old to pull off neon eye shadow. I would strongly reccomend a primer, though you'll still get great color payoff without. 

Beautiful cool toned shadows
Swatched with primer. Look at that silver!
Realistically, I'll probably use these the most.
These are my favorites of my bunch. I just love the soft finishes!
Lovely deeper shades

Intense color payoff

Sweet, subtle roses

Great for Daytime!

So, as you can see, you'll have PLENTY of beautiful shadows to choose from with this kit. That's not all Tarte included, though! I'm pretty ecstatic to finally try their Maracuja Oil and Maracuja C Brighter eye treatment! These are incredibly popular skincare products, and highly recommended. Stay tuned for a later review on those two, but i'm picturing them below for reference.

Tarte's very famous Maracuja oil

Tarte's Maracuja C-Brighter eye treatment

Two blushers were also included!
We've got:

 One Trial Sized swivel up Cheek Stain in Flush for the Old School Tarte fans. Solid cheek flush gives you a really dewy glow, and a little goes a long way. This is a beautiful color, and it smells amazing too!
Cheek Stain

 Amazonian Clay blusher in the limited edition shade, Memorable! So stoked for this one. The packaging is beautiful, something i'd really be proud to pull out of my purse and use, which is what the owner of Tarte had in mind in the first place. Okay, back to the blush! It has a really unique texture, and the color payoff is brilliant. It's a baby pink with mauve and lilac undertone with just enough sparkle to be flattering and not over the top. This one is perfect for me, a very unique shade.. While pink blushers aren't normally for me, interested in trying this one. Looking at the wrist swatch, it's showing up a LOT pinker than it really is.
Unique blush shade

Isnt this beautiful?!
 Next, we have Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara. This product Lengthens, Volumizes, Curls and Nourishes! I've actually used this product and adored it. I can put this on in the morning, go to work, run my errands, go out to dinner with the fiance, see a band, come home and still have my mascara in place. This stuff is amazing, not to mention it's good for your lashes! Ulta recently had a sale and I bought three tubes. Don't tell my fiance, please! :)

 Last but certainly not least, we have the glosses. This kit comes with an abundance(ha) of them! These look confusingly similar to Tarte colors with other names. While these are beautiful shades, i'm a bit on the fence about them due to the tacky texture. Theyre just too..sticky. I do like the peppermint taste which gives you the freshest breath when you have to lean in close to speak to someone! I'll be wearing these to work, perhaps. I don't see me using them a lot to go out in.
Really pretty red shades!

The nude is my favorite! 

Overall, I'd recommend the Tarte of giving set highly.I see myself using the skincare, eyeshadows, and blushers everyday. I will most definitely be hanging the makeup bag in my bathroom. There are a lot of sought after products in it, and the colors are universally flattering! Even at $131.00, you get a LOT of bang for your buck. It's a great set for both someone new to makeup, or an affectionado who collects. get it HERE today!

 As always, don't forget that you're beautiful!



Peripera Review - Peri's Cushion Lips

Yesterday I had the rare pleasure of hanging out with my awesome sister in law, Tara! We've got a ton in common and always have a blast, goofing off and talking about our new cosmetic finds, what products to try, and what products to avoid. It's like having a beauty blogger in your home when Tara is around. :) Anyways, she pulled out these new Peripera Cushions to show me, and I fell in love. After we gushed over swatches, she gave me one to try! I was super stoked, as Korean beauty products are my absolute favorite! Cushion makeup is all the rage in Korea, because it allows for hygenic and even application, and it's very easy to carry around with you! I've seen some cushion foundations hit the US market lately, and am super stoked to try those as well. Cushions are literally everywhere, and I promise you that these will be the next big thing in the USA as well.

I don't normally use stock photos, but since my lips are chapped as all getup and i'm not super skilled at an ombre lip, take a look: 

Peri's cushion is a super creamy, extremely vibrant liquid lipstick. The packaging is super cute, various shades of pink with a sweet little animated Peri Cushion on it! :) While the container itself is a little odd shaped, it's sealed really well, which ensures that NO product is going to seep out and get wasted. This recently happened with my Too Faced melted, and I was so Distraught!

When applying Peri Cushion for the first time, you'll want to squeeze a generous amount of product onto the cushion to saturate it. That way, it'll slide along the lips easier. Once you've got the adequate amount of product on the sponge (you'll know when its completely pink) you're going to just gently glide it along your lips, as you would a normal lipstick. I just love how easy Peri Cushion is to work with! The color is buildable, as shown above. You can do a subtle ombre lip, or you can go for a full on sophisticated matte lip. I put this on at about 7am, and didn't have to re-apply until after lunch at 2pm. It's got a fantastic feel to it, almost like a very airy satin on the lips. I am positively in love with these and will be ordering some for Tara and I to try. 

The shade selection is really diverse, and it looks great on my super pale, glow in the dark skin. Looking at the shades, they kind of remind me of a popular American brand i'm fond of, but a LOT less stick, and way friendlier on your pockets! I'm loving PK08, and the purple shade as well! 

 The shades available in Peri's Cushion are pretty diverse, but universally flattering to all skintones. I recommend the Coral, Violet, and Pink shades. :) Have you tried cushion makeup before? How did it go? 

As always, remember you're beautiful and have FUN getting dolled up! 


Everyone identifies with love and thunderstorms - An ode to our Oklahoma storms.

The rain in this town is a gentle lobotomy
The world split down the middle like a guillotene through a melon
One half left to dangle unbalanced and disoriented
Tilted backwards into a running sink at a barber shop, eyes closed
The rain is a place where there is nothing to be known, no color, no ethics, no fear
There is only trust, peace, and water
And the fingers through my hair?  This too, but in a separate place
secret place, not very far from here, though not exactly the same
You know precisely where you are this time, you know the thin sheets and milky skin by name
She is a placce where all doubts and desperations are defined in terms of "kind of"
Where you could hold each other so tightly as if you somehow thought that
being afraid might somehow make either one of you safe, or you could
lose each other in the taste of one another so completely that
you would not be found
I know the sound of hot rain on the streets and the sound of rustling sheets
I know the sound of a heartbeat against me and I know the sound of thunder
You understand the sounds of these too, because all of us do
But never mistaking one for the other - you know which spell you're under